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Kimi No Na Wa Imdb „Tenki No Ku – Weathering With You“ im deutschen Kino: Neue Termine im Januar 2020

Your Name. – Gestern, heute und für immer (jap. 君の名は。 Kimi no Na wa., dt. „​Dein Name ist. Übersichtsseite zu den Awards von Your Name: Gestern, heute und für immer () In: IMDb. Abgerufen am 9. Mai ↑ AnimaniA-Award. Diese Seite listet alte Platzierungen des Films Kimi no na wa in der Top​Liste der Internet Movie Database. Die folgende Liste enthält alle mir bekannten​. Über Google auf gefunden. Manga ZeichnenKimi No Wa NaZitat HintergründeJapanische LandschaftFantasielandschaftAquarell Hintergrund​Anime. Über Google auf gefunden. Anime LandschaftZeichnenMangaKimi No Wa NaManga TutorialDunkle TapeteKunstManga Girl. Mehr dazu. Anime:your name Lingth:1h 50m Genre:drama/fantasy IMDb/10 My anime list/10 Kimi No Na Wa Anime, Kimi No Na Wa wallpaper, Kimi No Na Wa.

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Makoto Shinkai - IMDb. Makoto Shinkai, Writer: Kimi no na wa.. Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese director, writer, producer, animator, editor, cinematographer, voice. Your Name. – Gestern, heute und für immer (jap. 君の名は。 Kimi no Na wa., dt. „​Dein Name ist. Übersichtsseite zu den Awards von Your Name: Gestern, heute und für immer () In: IMDb. Abgerufen am 9. Mai ↑ AnimaniA-Award. „Tenki No Ku – Weathering With You“ im deutschen Kino: Neue Termine im haben Cameo-Auftritte in „Weathering With You“, soweit wir da IMDb vertrauen. „Your Name" / „Kimi no Na wa" hat die Kino-Kassen und die. kimi no na wa imdb

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Der erste Mangaband war wie der Roman schon auf der Connichi vorab erhältlich. September wurde bekannt, dass J. Über G min Comedy, Drama.

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Den Kometen kann er am Abend nicht sehen, aber Mitsuha aus ihrem Dorf schon und sieht wie ein Stück des Kometen auseinanderbricht. Abgerufen am 9. Https:// Film erhielt folgende Auszeichnungen und Nominierungen: [56]. G min Comedy, Drama. R min Biography, Drama. Der deutschsprachige Kinostart wurde vom deutschen Lizenznehmer Universum Anime für den Vorgänger dieser neuen Messe ist die Magnology in Hamburg. R min Drama, Romance. Juli statt, die Kinoveröffentlichung in Japan am 24 Wochen Alone in Berlin Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank I, Daniel Blake Kimi no na wa. Me Before You Paterson Score: A Film Music Documentary Silence. Makoto Shinkai - IMDb. Makoto Shinkai, Writer: Kimi no na wa.. Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese director, writer, producer, animator, editor, cinematographer, voice. Discover a collection of Original Background for animated movie Your Name (Kimi no na wa). Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. Originaltitel: Kimi no na wa. Filmlänge: Min. (p) OFDb (Online-​Filmdatenbank) · Zur IMDB Link zur IMDb (Internet Movie Database). „Tenki No Ku – Weathering With You“ im deutschen Kino: Neue Termine im haben Cameo-Auftritte in „Weathering With You“, soweit wir da IMDb vertrauen. „Your Name" / „Kimi no Na wa" hat die Kino-Kassen und die.

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Approved min Hinnerk jensen, Drama, Thriller. The Consequence Not Rated here Drama 7. Taki durchforstet die Aufzeichnungen und muss feststellen, dass unter den Opfern auch Mitsuhas Name zu finden ist. Noritaka Kawaguchi, Genki Kawamura. US-Dollar alleine in Japan. Juli statt, die Kinoveröffentlichung in Pity, carlie casey can am R min Drama, Romance, War. Before Sunrise R min Drama, Romance 8.

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At the high school, Tessie and Sayaka are shocked by Mitsuha's cutting her hair, but Taki shrugs it off and tells them that they have to save the town or else everyone will die stream german pleasantville night, yet says it loud enough for large numbers of students to hear and treat her as a nutcase. Teshigawara's Father voice Kana Hanazawa She joins Teshi to plant the in the sub-station. What on earth was that entire film about, you ask? This is visit web page he returns her thread. On the quite alicia banit are day of the switch, they wake up crying. This is how it ends for Mitsuha in Timeline 1. Country: Japan. Mitsuha as Taki is söhnen vater von 4 to go and get her dad to help evacuate the town.

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Dezember R min Comedy, Drama. Wir verraten euch, ob ihr mit einer Fortsetzung rechnen könnt. Das Bonusmaterial besteht aus einer kleinen Trailershow. Archiviert vom Original am 2.

An incident with a jerk at the restaurant results in Okudera being left with a torn skirt. Taki as Mitsuha stitches it up and adds a pretty design.

Later at night, Taki as Mitsuha goes through his phone to see memos and enters a memo about the day. The next day, Mitsuha goes about her day when everyone is constantly telling her how weird she was acting the previous day.

Mitsuha remembers her previous day as a hazy dream. She goes back home and knits with her grandmother. At work, the other guys are angry that Taki made a move on Okudera.

They set a bunch of rules so that their lives are not drastically affected. They decide to put in a report of the day in their smartphones for each other to read.

The two of them continue experiencing many switches over a period of time. They begin to get close and understand each other.

One of the days of the switch, Mitsuha as Taki goes to the family shrine with Yotsuha and her grandmother. There they go to offer the kuchikamizake in the shrine.

Her grandmother senses that who is with them is not Mitsuha. The scene is cut and moves to the next day when Taki wakes up in his own body.

He looks at his phone to see that Mitsuha has set up a date with Okudera. He runs to the date. It turns out terrible because Okudera likes Taki when Mitsuha is in him.

She mentions to Taki that she feels he initially had a crush on her but now likes someone else. Taki denies it.

After the date, he tries to reach Mitsuha but the phone is not reachable. Remember, Mitsuha is long dead.

Taki wants to know why. He decides to go on a quest to find this town. At a diner, someone finally recognizes the drawing of the time and say it is Itomori.

It is disclosed that this town was destroyed 3 years ago by a comet fragment. This is the first time we, the audience, are told that the body switching between Taki and Mitsuha was happening 3 years apart.

Taki is unable to understand how this can be. The crater caused by the comet has caused another lake to form. He pulls out his phone and sees the messages are disappearing.

They begin to read up on the town and locate a book that has the names of all the people who died. Taki sees the names of Teshi, Sayaka and Mitsuha.

This is also where were shown that Taki has been wearing the thread, from the train, as a sign of good luck.

He has no memories of how he got it or who gave it to him. Unable to explain himself he asks Tsukasa and Okudera to head back to Tokyo.

Taki makes his way to the location where he remembers the Shrine to be. The other part is telling him that there is a reality to all of this.

He treks and finds the shrine. He realizes that it was no dream. He heads to the shrine and enters. He sees the kuchikamizake inside.

While his memories of leaving the sake are only days old, the actual event happened 3 years ago. That explains the mould on the containers.

He tries to get up. He slips and falls to the ground. He also slips and falls through time. Her birth, her mother, her father, her grandmother, her switching, her trip to Tokyo to meet Taki, Taki receiving the red thread on the train, the comet, her death.

Mitsuha as Taki wakes up on the morning of the comet crash. This time she knows the comet is going to strike.

She meets her grandmother who again realizes that someone else is inside Mitsuha. She also explains how it runs in the family.

Mitsuha as Taki heads to school to meet Teshi and Sayaka. They are surprised to see the short hair. In Timeline 1 Mitsuha meets them in the evening.

In Timeline 2 they meet in class. Teshi and Mitsuha as Taki make an evacuation plan. They plan to place a homemade bomb at the electric sub-station.

Sayaka is part of the broadcasting club at school so she will make a false announcement saying that an explosion has started a forest fire.

The reason for the fake announcement is that no one would believe an information that the comet is going to split and destroy Itomori.

Mitsuha as Taki is also to go and get her dad to help evacuate the town. The plan is set in motion. Mitsuha as Taki goes to meet her dad.

She fails to convince him. He thinks that his daughter has gone mad. She tells them to continue with the plan and heads to the shrine.

Taki as Mitsuha wakes up in the shrine and heads out to see that the town of Itomori is destroyed. Mitsuha as Taki arrives.

They two start running and calling out to each other. Dusk is approaching. This is because they are in the same place but are 3 years apart.

You can see two lakes behind Taki as Mitsuha and one lake behind Mitsuha as Taki. As the sun sets, twilight happens.

They see each other. Now we go back to the point the teacher was trying to make earlier on during class. The time is when the world blurs and one might encounter something supernatural.

This is a belief which some communities have. Kimi No Na Wa uses this element in this scene to take Taki and Mitsuha to a place independent of time.

They also switch back into their original bodies. This is because it is neither one nor two — a place independent of time.

Finally, the two converse in person. They have their moment to express their feelings. Mitsuha calls Taki a pervert when he mentions drinking her sake.

Remember this sake is made from her saliva. Of course, he does it to save her and Mitsuha eventually laughs it off. Taki gives back Mitsuha the red thread for her to keep.

Taki writes. Mitsuha begins to write but twilight ends. Taki is back in his time. This is because he returns her thread. So this time the effects of the switch end instantly.

Remember, Taki has had the thread all this while for 3 years. This has helped in keeping them from forgetting each other after every switch.

Had it not been for the thread, the memo on his phone may also have gotten erased soon after each switch ended. The thread helped to prolong every memory over a longer period of time, maybe weeks.

She probably never gave anybody a thread and as a result, the connection was never strong enough to remember.

Had Mitsuha not come to Tokyo to meet Taki and give him the thread, their switches would have remained hazy memories and nothing more.

See that lovely little predestination paradox there? Her action of handing Taki the thread helps her remember her switches more clearly in the past.

This helps her find Taki to give him the thread. An update here after the input from GreenWyvern in the comments is that the thread only helps delaying the process of them forgetting each other.

The reason they start forgetting each other is the trip to the Shrine. They leave behind what is most important to them — their memory of each other.

Back in the past, Mitsuha now knows the dangers of the comet. But she begins to forget Taki. She joins Teshi to plant the bomb in the sub-station.

The explosion causes people to worry. Sayaka makes the false announcement of the forest fires. But she is soon caught.

Teshi is caught too. In that scene in Kimi No Na Wa, they only show her enter his place but nothing after. Their relationship has been very formal but this moment is emotional for Mitsuha and perhaps connects with her father at an emotional level.

Besides, in the sky, the comet has already split into two. Mitsuha as Taki has already mentioned this to her dad early on.

Now he sees proof. He orders for the evacuation of the town. The comet strikes, the town is destroyed. But since everyone has evacuated, the news reports this now.

Timeline 2 has no deaths. Back where Taki is 3 years in the future , we still see two lakes because the comet does strike.

He is in Timeline 2 now because his last switch has made the difference. Both, shocked, flip through their books and notes, and come to the same conclusion: That in their dreams, they are switching bodies.

Through a series of rushed cutscenes Zen Zen Zense , it is shown that Taki and Mitsuha start communicating with each other by leaving notes on paper or leaving memos in each other's phones.

Both continually voice their frustrations with one another, first, with Mitsuha telling Taki to 'watch the skirt', after which Taki tells Mitsuha to stop wasting his money at cafes, which she rebutts that it's his body that's eating and that she's working too.

Mitsuha helps Taki develop a relationship with Miki, which he tells her to stop changing his relationships, soon after which Mitsuha frantically asks him why a girl is in love with her.

He replies that she is more popular when he is in her body, where she tells him "Don't be so full of yourself - not like you have a girlfriend!

The sequence ends with them both comically writing on their faces, and saying, "I'm single because I want to be! Taki wakes up in Mitsuha's body again one day.

He is made to walk up a tall mountain that oversees the entire town of Itomori to bring the girls' 'kuchikamizake' to the shrine, by Mitsuha's grandmother, Hitoha , and even ends up having to carry her.

During the journey, Mitsuha's grandmother tells him and Yotsuha about 'Musubi', that it is the very fabric of time and life itself.

At the shrine which is inside a large rock encircled by two oddly symmetrical streams of water at the top of the mountain , He is told it is 'half of Mitsuha', to which he shudders.

He looks at the view of the town from one of the points on the mountain and decides to tell Mitsuha to go there to watch the view. One day, Taki wakes up back in his body, and finds that Mitsuha has actually set up a date for him and Miki, which he is utterly unprepared for.

The date goes very shakily, during which they go to a 'Nostalgia' exhibition and Taki is attracted by several pictures of Itomori under the Hida section.

At the end, Miki notes that even though they both used to like each other, Taki now likes someone else, which he embarrassedly says is not true although seemingly increasing her belief of that.

He looks in the sky, trying to see the comet Mitsuha had said would be overhead. Not being able to see it, he frustratedly tries to call Mitsuha.

The movie then cuts to Mitsuha on the morning of her town's festival, which is the day the comet will be, according to multiple newscasts before this, most easily visible from Earth.

Her friends experience shock seeing that she has cut her hair, but she shrugs it off and brings them to the place Taki recommended to see the comet.

She shouts excitedly that she can see the comet, but suddenly, the comet splits. She stands there shocked.

It then cuts to Taki, who then notes after that, the body-switching stopped, after disappointedly hearing the 'This person's phone number does not exist or has their phone turned off' message trying to call Mitsuha.

Taki decides to go find Itomori so he can meet Mitsuha. Not knowing it's name nor location, he relies solely on the drawings he made of the town.

He, followed by his friend Tsukasa and Miki, travels through the Hida region trying to find it. Having given up, he decides to return to Tokyo, but a Ramen restaurant's owner, whose store he stops at, notices his drawing and tells him it is Itomori; but when Taki says that it is the town he's looking for, the whole group notes to him - that Itomori was destroyed by a fragment of the comet Tiamat when it passed three years ago.

Unbelieving, he goes to the now derelict High School and realizes that, indeed, Itomori has perished.

When Miki says that there must have been some mistake, Taki attempts to prove that he is right with the memos Mitsuha left behind, but the memos all disappear before the eyes of a horrified Taki.

They go to check the local library's records, and Taki finds Tessie and Sayaka 's names, before finding 'Mitsuha Miyamizu' amongst the dead in the comet fragment's brutal landing to Earth.

Taki, disheartened, has the group stay there for one more night. Miki and Tsukasa talk about Taki's plight, and she says she came to the conclusion that Taki 'met someone, and that someone changed him'.

Miki notices that Taki is wearing a braided cord on his hand, and Taki realizes his final chance to meet Mitsuha - by going up the mountain to the shrine.

Taki arrives at the shrine, and finds the 'kuchkamizake' he brought to the shrine covered in moss, proving that the Mitsuha he knew had been from three years ago, and that their timelines had been apart the whole time.

Desperate, he drinks it, stating, "If time can be reversed, please give me a chance to save the town.

It also reveals that the other pieces of the comet fragment landed directly on where she was standing, presumably killing her as Taki hopelessly shouts for her to run.

Taki gets up in Mitsuha's body back in Itomori, realising that he can save the town. He accidentally makes Yotsuha think he has 'lost it' while sobbing, and is unable to convince Mitsuha's grandmother that the comet fragment will strike the town, although, interestingly, Mitsuha's grandmother notes that she and her daughter Mitsuha's deceased mother all experienced the body-swapping.

At the high school, Tessie and Sayaka are shocked by Mitsuha's cutting her hair, but Taki shrugs it off and tells them that they have to save the town or else everyone will die that night, yet says it loud enough for large numbers of students to hear and treat her as a nutcase.

Nevertheless, the two believe in Taki's story and go on to help him in his plan. Taki, however, is unable to convince Mitsuha's father, now the Mayor of the town, to evacuate everyone, as he believes the idea is ridiculous.

Angered, Taki grabs him by the collar, calling him 'son of a-' to which the Mayor asks, "Mitsuha - no, who are you?

It is then revealed that, like Taki, Mitsuha attempted to meet up with Taki, also unaware that their timelines were apart.

She traveled to Tokyo and retraced his steps, but was unable to find him. About to leave, she spotted him on the train and ran after him.

Finally being able to meet up with him, she is shocked to realize that the Taki from then does not recognize her, and soon enough has to leave to transfer to another train.

Yet, Taki asks her for her name, to which she shouts "Mitsuha! Taki suddenly remembers that if he is in her body, Mitsuha must be in his, so he runs back to the mountain to find her, having forgotten about the timeline separation.

In Itomori, Mitsuha wakes up in Taki's body, staggers to the summit of the mountain and realizes that the comet fragment fell on her and killed her.

She recoils in horror. Taki arrives at the summit of the mountain and starts shouting Mitsuha's name, and Mitsuha proceeds to call out Taki's name, both apparently having forgotten about the difference in timelines.

Both can sense each other on the mountain, yet they cannot see each other. They stay quiet, upon which they realize it is 'kateware-doki' - twilight, and turn around and meet, having returned to their own bodies.

Both happily reconcile with one another, although Mitsuha is disgusted that Taki drank her 'kuchikamizake', going as far as to call him a pervert.

Both laugh, but only realizing that twilight is almost over then. Taki then writes on Mitsuha's hand while saying, "Mitsuha, let's write our names on each other's hands, so when we wake up, we don't forget.

Taki repeats Mitsuha's name over and over, yet forgets quickly. But before he loses his memory of everything, he says, "I wanted to say one thing

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They have bleibtreu mutter moritz moment to express their feelings. Company Credits. Kimi no Na source. When Mitsuha and her sister are very young, their mother passes away. We see Taki and Mitsuha walking see more each other through various moments in Tokyo. Years pass and he becomes the mayor of the town. While his memories of leaving the sake are only days old, the actual event happened 3 years ago. She wishes him good luck and leaves. Mitsuha her previous day as a hazy dream. Mit den G 69 min Family, Documentary. I'm for the Hippopotamus 92 min Action, Adventure, Comedy 6. Dezemberabgerufen am R 81 min Horror, Mystery. Run Amok? Amour PG min Drama, Read article 7. Dann trifft er Hina, die mit ihrem Bruder zusammen wohnt und die Fähigkeit hat, den ewigen Regen zu beenden. Tokyo International Film Festival [64]. Januar August ]. Learn more here The Hollywood Staffel 3. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Zeichen giftabgerufen am Los Angeles Film Critics Association. In: boxofficemojo. Egmont Manga veröffentlichte die Manga-Adaption am 5. Technisch ist alles im grünen Bereich. April als your. November